Virtual Acoustics (VA) C++ API  v2018a
Virtual Acoustics is a real-time auralization framework devoted to Virtual Reality.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCompareStringCaseInsensitiveCase insensitive string comparison
 CCVAAcousticMaterialData class containing information of an acoustic material
 CCVAAudioRendererInfoStruct describing an audio renderer
 CCVAAudioReproductionInfoStruct describing an audio reproduction module
 CCVAAudiostreamStateData class describing states of audio streams
 CCVADirectivityInfoData class containing information on directivities of sound sources and sound receivers
 CCVAEventData class encapsulating events of a VA
 CCVAExceptionBase class for exceptions
 CCVAGeometryMeshGeometry mesh class
 CCVAFaceFace representation
 CCVAVertexVertex representation
 CCVAIntLiteralData class describing integer literals within the core interface (reflexions)
 CCVAModuleInfoPure data class describing modules of the core
 CCVANetAudioStreamServerStream server framework for providing samples for a network stream
 CCVANetMessageNetwork message helper
 CCVANetVersionInfoNet version
 CCVANetworkStreamAudioSignalSourceHelper class for server-side network audio signal sources
 CCVAObjectBase class for objects with identity and message interface
 CCVAObjectInfoData class describing callable and registrable objects
 CCVAObjectRegistryRegistry class for objects
 CCVAPoolObjectPool objects base class
 CCVAPoolObjectDefaultFactoryDefault factory for pool objects with standard constructor
 CCVAProgressDescribes the current state of a progress
 CCVAReferenceableObjectClass for referenceable objects
 CCVARefPtrReferenceable pointer type
 CCVASampleBufferData base class for audio samples
 CCVASceneInfoData class containing information of a virtual acoustic scene
 CCVASignalSourceInfoData class for signal source information
 CCVASoundPortalInfoData class containing information of a sound portal (acoustic portal)
 CCVASoundReceiverInfoData class containing information of a sound receiver (acoustic receiver)
 CCVASoundSourceInfoData class containing information of a sound source (acoustic actuator)
 CCVAStructAssociative array container
 CCVAStructValueAssociative array value class
 CCVAVersionInfoVersion info data class
 CIVAAudioSignalSourceInterface class for audio signal sources
 CIVAEventHandlerEvent handler interface class
 CIVAEventHandlerGlobalLockGlobal synchronization token for event handler operations
 CIVAInterfaceInterface of Virtual Acoustics (VA)
 CIVANetClientNetworked transparend calls to VA interface view TCP/IP as a client
 CCEventConnection event class
 CIEventHandlerInterface for handling conection events using the provided hook / callback
 CIVANetServerVA server interface
 CCEventServer communication event class
 CIEventHandlerServer communication event handler class
 CIVAObjectPoolObject pool class
 CIVAPoolObjectFactoryPool object factory interface
 CIVAReferenceableObjectInterface for referenceable objects
 CIVAUncopyableFunctionality to suppress copying an object
 CVAQuat4-element Quaternion (double precision)
 CVAVec33-element Vector (double precision), in a geometrical context in meters (if not stated otherwise) Compare operator for vectors
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